Serving residents of Jacksonville, FL

Therapy Services Delivered to You

If you're living with mobility issues, the thought of leaving the house can be daunting. Unfortunately, many therapy options are conducted in a facility away from home. With Allstar Home Care, you can have your therapy session in the comfort of your own home. Email us today for more information on our therapy services.

Around the clock care when you need it

Our in-home therapy options are suited to fit your individual needs. Our therapy services include:

  • Occupational therapy
    assistance with daily activities such as showering, dressing and food preparation
  • Speech therapy
    assistance with language skills, swallowing difficulties and nutritional suggestions
  • Physical therapy
    treating mobility issues, massages to aid healing and teaching therapeutic massage techniques

Get the help you need in the comfort of your home. Allstar Home Care is providing in-home therapy services to Jacksonville, FL and the surrounding area. Call 904-688-5100 to see how we can help.